These are actual comments made about the Workstation from real people who have one.  

I just received mine and I'm pretty impressed. The stand is very very well built, fit and finish is superb and the "joint" that is used to manage the cars attitude on the stand is excellent.

Well... I got mine today. It is REALLY a quality setup. The spring clips clamp the chassis down tight enough that it won't move at all. That being said, my 8yo can easily lift them and remove the car. The quality of the pivot assembly is beyond what I expected. It is very smooth and easy to use. 

I bought one at psycho nitro blast as well and it's an awesome addition for sure! No more wrenching at weird angles for common tasks. Very sturdy! I don't think they make shorter posts for it, but it holds the car right around eye level for you, plus you can tilt and spin it as needed.

I got my stand on Friday and was so impressed I had to show all my buddies at the track. One of the best purchases I have made. Awesome quailty and makes working on my SCTE so much easier. Worth every dollar.

Received mine today. Awesome quality! This thing will change the way you wrench on your R/C vehicles. IMO, everybody here could benefit from having one. Its expensive, but its also the last stand you will EVER buy.

Alot of guys have pm'd me about the stand. All I can say is that it is well worth it. The price might seem high but if you think about it, It'll last for the rest of your RC career and make life easier wrenching on your rides. I am really loving mines and actually ordered more. just becoz of how nice it is. Now that I found that you CAN get them in different colors, I'm ordering another. 
Think about it, a full set of "bling" for a ride ( I know some of you are like me and gotta have it) cost around the same or even more. Thing is, it will only last the life of the car you have it in. New model comes out and you sell it to get the next latest and greatest model and deck it out again with the "bling" items. The stand, you will probably keep it forever and make use of it for sure. Just my $.02

Thanks Shark for the pics, I made my order right after seeing them. Tried to thank you the other day but the site was acting weird and I could not reply at the time.

Anyways, got my stand today which was a B-Day present from the wife and all I can say is WOW, worth the money.

For those of you on the fence I can understand because it is a little pricey but once it is in front of you and your wrenching on your car without holding it at all you will quickly forget about the price and realize nothing but quality instead.

I changed front and rear diffs like my 1/8 buggy was on a lift! And the best part of my purchase was the great guy on the other end helping me with my order. Thanks Randy!

I wanted to let everyone know Randy from Revolve is a TOP notch guy I've spoken with him more then a few times concerning my ideas and orders. I just got my purple stand it looks awesome for my serpent. I know some think OMG its expensive but once you get you wil understand Quality, workmanship and materials are all grade A the pivot ball is super stout. 

Fukumoto J

Just came in the mail today, I'm going to order another one with a smaller top plate for my smaller rc's........ This thing is def. worth the money...

got mine the other day and it is just beautiful, almost too nice to use!!! it will get a workout when i build my new team c electric truggy...the small top plate for my 1/10 on roads is next....