RC Soup First Impressions

Revolve RC sent a Workstation to the RC Soup guys to check out.  Here are their first impressions and unboxing pics.  

Click here to go to the article.  

 Here's an excerpt from the article.  

"So, my first impression?"

"This thing is amazing. I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to getting covered head to toe in dirt.. so keeping the car on the stand, and out of my lap to get to odd angles of the car is a HUGE HUGE plus for me. This stand actually has me excited to clean up the T-RCE Slash 4×4 for stage 2 (will likely do sometime in the next week or so). I can only imagine this will be a great conversation starter in the pits as well once people who haven’t seen it get to check it out."

We'd like to thank RC Soup for their review and honest opinions about our product.  Check out their full website at



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