Revolve RC Workstation Setup


Frank Cunius said on October 19, 2012:

The REVOLVE RC.COM workstation is the best on the market in terms of options and also with respect to the highest grade materials and manufacturing quality. The customer service goes hand in hand with the image of the company and my order was received within a few short days after ordering. I highly recommend this product. The price may seem on the higher end but would you rather start out buying a unit or two at a cheaper price that doesn’t meet your needs only to have to end up here to buy the right product which after hundreds spend on the.other products you could have done this just once in the first place. Think smart when making this purchasing decision and just get the best. receive the product you wiill better appreciate the price that needs to be charged and you will have no regrets along with a lasting unit!

doug rozee said on August 13, 2012:

wow i just got my stand and it is a work art if you are rc driver this is a must have and the guys you will deal with will haelp u out thanks alot guys

mark thomas said on May 07, 2012:

After catching a sight of your wonderfull piece of engineering on the maxbashing home page, (gray is a pain) i have decided i have too get one. now unfortunately for me i have just spent way too much on my agama and i quite like living at home with the missus so its going too have too wait till the end of this month. But i do have too own one, with the 18mm shock holders and some engraving, he also mentioned you could do it in red, so if this is all possible can you please let me know as too a total cost too have one shipped too the UK, and i will have too sit on my hands for another 3 weeks.
Many thanks
Mark Thomas

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